Tips for losing weight: Are you trying to lose that “lockdown” weight? Losing weight takes a lot of effort and discipline, especially in the COVID era. Certain lifestyle changes are mandatory if you are trying to lose weight and achieve your goal. If you have recently started your weight loss, these are some tips to keep in mind.

Recently a nutritionist Ruchika Batra shared in a video on Instagram 5 simple but important tips to lose weight fast.

  1. Sleep, the restart button of our thoughts: Ruchika says lack of sleep can slow your metabolism and disrupt your hormones. Not only that, it can also harm you psychologically and physiologically.
  2. Hydration: As we all know, hydration is the key to any weight loss. Batra says that you should drink at least three to four liters of water each day during the weight loss journey because water will naturally detoxify you.
  3. Meal breaks: You should stay away from false hunger alarms. The nutritionist says you should allow intervals between meals based on your health.
  4. Stay away from sugar and fried foods: Batra says you shouldn’t give up your favorite food just because you’re trying to lose weight. You need to avoid consuming sugar and fried foods until your goal is achieved.
  5. Physical movements and movement: For faster weight loss results, make sure that you increase the intensity of your training levels. Even when you’re not exercising, make sure to stay as active as possible physically.

Are you going to follow these five tips?


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