Becoming a yoga teacher sounds like a dream to many, especially if you’ve been passionate about yoga for so long. As yoga grows in popularity, it only makes sense to consider it as a full-time career. After all, it is a philosophy of life that combines mental, physical and spiritual practices.

Yoga is an ancient part of Indian culture so it is important to take it seriously if you are planning to progress through the entire teacher education program. Note that this can be a pretty difficult process, so doing more research and looking for the right program will make a world of difference.

Fortunately, there are so many yoga training schools such as and other recognized and registered training centers. Since there are many credible schools out there, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. To help you, here are some tips and considerations in finding the perfect yoga teacher training program for you:

  1. Find out more about which philosophy and values ​​are right for you

If you want to become a yoga teacher, one of the most important considerations is to find a philosophy that appeals to you. There are all sorts of philosophies and principles that you could immerse yourself in, and it might be like falling into a rabbit hole because it’s so thorough. But once you find a certain philosophy that you resonate with, it will feel more natural and easier to make sense of being a yoga teacher.

  1. Look for an internationally recognized program

Another important point to consider when choosing a yoga teacher training program is to find an internationally recognized program. This is to ensure that you have more flexibility in obtaining your certification. Plus, it’s a better way to find trustworthy programs that you can really learn from and enjoy.

If you’re not sure, send them a request on their website’s contact page. Some schools and programs have their own social media pages for a quicker response, like Blooming Lotus Yoga on Facebook, making it easier for you to send them a private message.

  1. Inquire whether the program is part of the Yoga Alliance

Finding those who are members of the Yoga Alliance is also an excellent way to find programs that you can trust. This way, whether you are looking for a 200 or 500 hour level, you can take advantage of the following Allianz benefits:

  • Rest assured that you are receiving the best in services and curriculum
  • It’s a safer choice
  • They allow you to market yourself as a teacher
  • You will get access to some free online workshops to expand your learning
  • Get the latest news about the yoga community
  • You could be notified of the latest events
  • They send you informative publications
  • You can get discounts on all types of products
  1. Take the cost into account

It is also handy to think and calculate the cost so that you can work around your budget. But it’s also a good idea to consider it a serious investment. The cost can be quite high, so be sure to compare the prices of your top yoga teacher training school picks.

Some schools and programs offer different payment options so you can choose one that is more convenient for you. There are even scholarships available so you may want to research the various requirements if this is your interest.

Course on the yoga teacher training programCourse on the yoga teacher training program

  1. Decide on a program that will allow you to make money later

As a career, it is important to have a head start and make connections to get started as a yoga teacher. So finding a program to help in this department could help you in that direction.

As mentioned earlier, a yoga teacher training program that is a member of the Yoga Alliance can help you market yourself as a teacher so that more people will become aware of your skills and qualifications.

  1. Find out more about the location and schedule

Some programs might be held in areas near you, or others might be more retreat-like. Depending on what you’re looking for or what’s convenient, you can choose one that’s a drive away or is in a different country. Both have advantages and disadvantages, but it’s best to consider the costs and limitations.

Timing is an essential issue as some people have to take care of everything that is going on in their life.

  1. Think about what is not included in the program

Yoga programs are all planned differently, so it is extremely important to read about the yoga teacher training program and ask questions about what is and what is not included. If the program is in a remote location, you may want to ask if board and lodging are included. That way, you can already plan how to take care of yourself while you exercise.

  1. Make sure you are ready to exercise

Finally, you need to think about whether you are ready to get involved in the education program and life as a yoga teacher. You have to make some changes in your life and because it is such an investment in terms of your time, money, and effort it is best not to waste it. You will likely have to wonder and spend some time thinking and meditating on whether you are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready for this journey.

It will take some time to be dedicated and judge if you are fully ready to become a yoga teacher and accept admission to the yoga teacher training program, so do not rush. An impulsive decision can lead to regrets later and you regret the chosen program. So it is best to be level-headed and think about it for a while.

If you don’t change your mind and you are absolutely sure, you know this is the one for you.


Becoming a yoga teacher is life changing, not only because your life is turned around, but also because you are helping others. Therefore, investing in a strong foundation through training is one of the most important steps along the way.

When you are finally sure, finding a program that fits your philosophies and values ​​is the next consideration. Then you can also search for the ones that fit your budget, as well as a desired location and schedule.


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