How’s that for a celebrity turnaround: A day after he complained on Instagram that he was in “the worst shape of my life,” Will Smith announced plans to get into the best shape of his life.

My first reaction, I admit, was a little cynical: As a multi-million dollar movie star, it’s easy to get in shape.

Movie star Kumail Nanjiani was more realistic when he revealed in December 2019 the ripped body he had carved for his upcoming role in Marvel’s Eternals – a transformation that stunned fans of the lovable nerd comedian. “I wouldn’t have been able to do this if I hadn’t had a full year with the best coaches and nutritionists paid by the world’s largest studio,” he posted on Instagram, adding that “it would have been impossible without them.” Resources and time. “

Smith, 52, has undoubtedly hired better coaches and nutritionists, and I hope he will be frank as he documents his transformation on YouTube. But cynicism aside, his new goal is admirable because it will encourage others to get healthier – Marlon Wayans and Dr. Dre are among those who are already following Smith’s example.

How to get in shape if you’re not a movie star

So you’ve decided to join what Smith memorably referred to as the “Big Willie Challenge.” Where to start If you, too, are feeling in the worst shape of your life, you should see your doctor before making any major changes, especially if you are over 45 years old.

You don’t have to start swearing to finish a marathon. Instead, bring more physical activity into your daily life – can you take the stairs instead of the elevator? Park at the other end of the parking lot? Take 10,000 steps a day?

When you’re ready to exercise, recruit your partner, friends, and / or work colleagues and find an activity that you all enjoy. Having fun is key because if you hate weightlifting you won’t hold onto it. I highly recommend finding a form of group fitness that suits your level (everything from a free community walking group to high-intensity workouts). Like-minded people will hold you accountable.

If you’ve got a solid habit, reward yourself with an Apple Watch or other fitness gizmo – I really find mine motivates me to stay active and open up new avenues for fitness.


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