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Let’s get physical, GVL. 🏋 Saturday May 1st is National Fitness Day, and the certified exercise professionals of the YMCA from Greenville have 7 fit tips for more movement:

Start moving; Keep moving

Shoot for about 150 minutes (~ 20 minutes a day) Medium intensity cardio training per week. ProTipp Mix in a few days of full body weight training to focus on muscle strength and endurance.

Do what you want

That may seem obvious, but Find exercises that you enjoy and activities that motivate you to keep going all week. If the the is your safe space or when you are crushed for time and cannot come to your branch, the Y has a ton of virtual courses and workouts in its new mobile app. Pro tip: get the most out of your YMCA membership by meeting one of their Wellness coaches to be connected to the right training plan for you.

Drink enough

do not forget drink enough water. The minimum amount of water that you should drink is half your weight in ounces. (Read: A 150-pound person should drink at least 75 ounces a day). Carry around a fun water bottle that you love to drink from and take it with you wherever you go – Errands, the Y + even around the house.

Remember to eat

Be sure to propel your body for the type of exercise you do. Even if you only have 5 or 10 minutes, eat an apple or a banana + drink well. A A healthy diet will help replenish your body and prevent nutritional deficienciesthat can affect your body’s response to Germs and pathogens. An apple a day can really keep the doctor away.

Take your days off

Just as it is important to balance your workouts, you should take the time to do it Rest days. Recovery is just as important, and then it’s time Muscles are built. Most people achieve their fitness goals with 3 to 4 days of resistance and aerobic combination exercises – then take the others 3-4 days free.

Relax + reduce stress

The best way around strengthen the immune system is able to manage and Minimize stress. In addition, exercise and proper diet have been shown to be effective in lowering the body’s response to stress.

Catch a couple of Z’s

Finally, top off your hard work with a good night’s sleep. Sleep disorders have been linked to suppressed immunity, so choose a good time to go to bed and stick to it. Enjoy all the sweet dreams of achieving your fitness goals.

Why is exercise important? According to the American College of Sports Medicine A single training session can mobilize immune cells instantly – especially those in charge of recognition and Killing virus infected cells – and protect you from complications + keep you healthy.

Sign up for a YMCA membership here to start your fitness journey. (And when you join by April 30th, Your admission fee is waived.)

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