Exercise is key to being the best parent and partner possible, says former Bachelor star Tim Robards – but having a new baby around has made staying fit a lot harder.

New dad Tim Robards says parenting shouldn’t be used as an excuse to skip exercising every day, even though new mothers and fathers suffer from lack of sleep and time.

Robards and his wife Anna have made it their business to have time to exercise every day since they welcomed Baby Elle last November.

“It was definitely harder to find time for me and it takes great teamwork and communication with Anna,” he said.

“But I have to do my best if I want to be Elle a great father and Anna a great husband.”

As the days of disappearing into the gym for several hours are over, Robards said he’s learned to plan ahead and be more time efficient with his workouts.

“The sessions are short and intense,” he explained.

“Or I run across the street and do a TRM ring session or do yoga at home.

“The lessons were good, and sometimes it’s nice to have someone put you through their paces for an hour.

“You know exactly how long the training lasts and can plan accordingly.”

Featured in Fall magazine The House of Wellness, Robards urged other parents to follow suit and take the time to stay fit by setting realistic goals.

“You don’t have to achieve what you did before you were born, but every little bit counts,” he said.

“Aim at something and then build on it over time.”

Online classes or fitness programs like the one he developed for Medibank’s Live Better at Home website and The Robards Method app also gave parents the flexibility to exercise without leaving home, he said.

“If you don’t train for a triathlon (and train for four hours a day) everyone can do something,” he said.

“If your goal was to be the fittest person in the world, balancing parenting and work can be difficult.

“But most of us don’t want to become professional athletes, we just want to be healthy, fit and happy.

“You may just need to adjust your goals as the goal posts can easily change and we will spin. Just like we all had to do during the COVID lockdown.

“It’s not easy, but it can be done. It’s usually not as difficult as you think. It’s fun to face the challenge and to outsmart and outsmart it! “

If you want to find out more, grab a copy of the House of Wellness Fall Magazine this weekend with your newspaper or in pharmacy stores.


TIP 1:

Be motivated. Motivation is having a reason to do something. These reasons must have a strong emotional why. You need to dig deep and connect your reasons for actions to something that triggers you emotionally.

TIP 2:

Make short sharp sessions that are easily accessible. Don’t log into a gym that is an hour’s drive away.

TIP 3:

Use online courses and apps like The Robards Method.

TIP 4:

Set small achievable goals that aren’t intimidating.

TIP 5:

Communicate well with your partner and talk about what is important to each of you and how you can support each other to achieve these goals. This is also possible with friends and family. Set realistic expectations for each other.


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