Follow these fitness tips to crush it like a long distance champion.

Christian Hafer

Hitting the ball longer is the result of a variety of factors, but one of the easiest ways to add yards is through training. But you can’t just do any old workouts – it has to focus on muscle groups that allow you to swing powerfully and efficiently. Here are four workouts I use to get the most out of my swing.

1. Speed ​​ranges

Simple back-bend stretches increase the freedom of movement of your spine and allow you to bring your hands higher on the backswing – one of my hallmarks of power moves. While you’re at it, do side bend stretches, sliding each hand down each side of your body as far as possible. By doing more side bends while exercising, you can maintain proper posture while swinging – especially when swinging at top speed.

2. Train your strength muscles

“You have to pull down hard from above to generate speed.” My trainer’s words got me into the habit of doing lat pulldowns in the gym and it made all the difference in the world. Other useful exercises include dumbbell curls (to increase forearm strength) and deadlifts (to strengthen legs).

3. Sprint at speed

I believe in doing things that allow your body to move the fastest without relying on mechanics or position. That’s why I like to do sprints. When you get out of the blocks, you don’t think about technology. You just go That’s what long driving is all about. Let go of your inner athlete, no matter how old you are.

4. Go broke

The best advice I can give to any golfer looking to keep hitting the ball is to swing hard in practice. Dedicate one day a week to have a bang with the driver. Start with 25 balls. If you don’t work up a sweat, you’re doing it wrong. This exercise even helped my trainer collect 15 miles per hour.


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