Fitness trainer Courtney is famous for her daily home workout tutorials

Courtney Black used to be an avowed fitness enthusiast. “I would do an hour of weights and an hour of cardio in the gym every day,” says the personal trainer and fitness influencer.

“Sometimes I went there twice a day, but I never left feeling satisfied. I was obsessed with the gym and didn’t think I could get good results working out at home. I didn’t think I’d enjoy it either. ‘

The 24-year-old from East London couldn’t have been more wrong. She is now dubbed the “Queen of Home Workouts” and has added more than 500,000 followers since March 2020 by posting daily home workouts.

“I did my first live workout because I wasn’t motivated to work out at home myself,” she admits.

“I thought if a few people did it to me, it might motivate me too. But it got contagious. I could play my own music – gym playlists are so boring – wear what I wanted and literally roll out of bed to work out. I barely had space in my apartment and had to move the TV and coffee table to put down my mat, but I started seeing really good results and it spurred me on. “

Each of their live sessions drew more than 30,000 people, and their fitness app, Courtney Black Fitness, downloaded more times than the NHS Couch To 5k app on initial lockdown.

What Makes Their Workouts So Popular?

For one thing, their enthusiasm is contagious. Second, she does the training with you in real time. And third, she’s so, well, normal.

Not only that, their method works and the before and after photos speak for themselves. “I put so much effort into my training,” she says.

“I’m not just posting training for the sake of it. Social media is flooded with people picking up chairs and exercising on couches, it’s ridiculous. A lot of influencers don’t want to give away an entire workout, so post something and people think that’s all they have to do. But this influencer is going to do a lot more than it posts. People have to see the good with the bad. ‘

Courtney Black's Pocket PT

Courtney’s new book is a 28-day guide to getting fit

Courtney isn’t afraid to share her good and bad. She speaks openly about her past eating disorders and obsession with exercise, and luckily, is in a much better place now.

“I eat more calories than I could ever have imagined and do shorter workouts. I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. Everything changed when I did my personal training and the more educated I got, the more I wanted to share this knowledge. “

Courtney’s workouts are a combination of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) circuits and strength training.

She believes this is best for home training because it allows you to focus on short hard work. “Workouts are about 30 minutes long and seriously, who doesn’t fit their day?” She says.

“Take your time when the kids are in bed or wake up earlier. Take some time out from your phone or toss some dinner in the slow cooker and jump on your mat. You’ll be glad you did because HIIT causes an EPOC [Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption] Effect and increases your heart rate so that you burn more calories even after training.

“In addition, strength training builds muscle mass, and the more muscles you have, the more efficiently your body burns energy at rest. It’s a winning combination. ‘

And if you’re lacking motivation, that’s perfectly fine, says Courtney. “I like to think that people have bad moments, not bad days,” she explains.

“Sometimes you just don’t want to train at 6am and that’s fine. You can change your mind until 6 p.m. And if you don’t, changing your day off isn’t the end of the world. All you have to do is recognize when you are lazy and remember why you are doing the exercise in the first place. ‘

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Courtney emphasizes that burning calories is not a good workout. “We’re far too obsessed with calories. If you eat a Sunday roast and then run five miles in the p *** ing rain, that’s not life-affirming, that’s punishment.

“Don’t be too restrictive when it comes to eating. You don’t have to cut out food groups, just a calorie deficit. If people are too restrictive, they’ll eat and be back to where they started.

“I’m not telling you that after 28 days you will get miraculous results,” she adds. “But I will give you everything you need to achieve your fitness goals, and I will also develop a positive attitude towards food and body awareness.

“The 28-day challenge is not just about looks. You exercise and eat better than you did before, so yes you will look better. But you’ll feel better too. You’ll wake up in the morning and have a more positive attitude – and we could all use that now. ”

Amen to that, Courtney.

Courtney Black’s Pocket PT is available now.

Courtney’s top three exercises

Reverse lunge with bicep curls

Courtney Black reverse lung with bicep curls

(Image: David Cummings)

Start by standing up, feet together and with a dumbbell in each hand, arms by your sides, palms facing in.

Take a large step back with one foot, and as you step back into a lunge (only the ball of your foot touching the floor), lower your back knee towards the floor, keeping your core moving, and your chest up. As you jump down, roll your biceps upward.

Return to the starting position by going through your front heel and squeezing your glutes. Switch legs every time you jump backwards.

Dumbbell squats for an upright row

Courtney Black Dumbbell Squat for upright rowing

(Image: David Cummings)

Start in a standing position, with your feet wider than shoulder width, arms straight down between your legs, and holding a dumbbell in each hand.

Crouch down, keeping your arms straight, and as you stand up, raise your elbows and row your arms to shoulder height. Be careful not to lift your shoulders up to your ears – keep them straight.

Burpee Renegade series press

Courtney Black Burpee Renegade series press

(Image: David Cummings)

Start in a standing position with a dumbbell in each hand and arms by your side, palms facing in. Lower the dumbbells to the floor, bend your knees, then burpee back (jumping both legs back together).

Keeping your core moving, once you are in the high plank position, pull a dumbbell towards your chest and bend your elbow – remember to keep your lats (back muscles) tense as you row. Hold it down, then lower it back down and repeat on the other side.

When you’re done on both sides, jump your legs back together. As you stand up, lift the weight, then press it in a shoulder press. Bring the weights back down in a controlled manner and repeat the process.

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