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If you’re short on time because the kids are back to school, travel, or life itself, but still want maximum results, kettlebell workouts should be your routine of choice. The unique shape and offset nature of the kettlebell challenge your balance, stability and grip strength when swinging, squatting, pushing or pulling.

And when you combine the kettlebell swing with squats, carry and bodyweight exercises, the kettlebell is a fantastic way to improve your condition, increase your grip strength and burn unwanted fat.

In addition, the king of all kettlebell exercises, the swing has many advantages in addition to burning fat.

Benefits of Incorporating the Kettlebell Swing into Your Kettlebell Workout

  • Kettlebell Swings trains the rear chain muscles of the back, the glutes and the rear thigh muscles in a powerful, joint-friendly way.
  • It allows you to increase your heart rate without the usual effects of conventional cardio exercise on your joints.
  • The kettlebell swing helps develop better hip mobility, loosen tight hips, and strengthen your entire back.
  • Swings also help strengthen the smaller muscles of your lower back.

The kettlebell swing is a joint-gentle tool to improve your stamina and resistance. Also, combining the swing with squats and pushups will help burn unwanted fat while building a steel buttock.

The following kettlebell workouts were inspired by Dan John, elite strength, weightlifting and kettlebell trainer who is also an All-American discus thrower, holds the American record in the Weight Pentathlon and is the author of 10 books, including ” Easy Strength ”“ Mass ”. Made simple and “fat loss happens on a Monday”.

So if you’re pressed for time, want to spice up your cardio workout, and want to take advantage of the fat burning benefits of the kettlebell, grab a kettlebell and towel and get to work.

4 kettlebell training to burn fat

1500 kettlebell swing / squat workout

Instructions: Use either a 35 or 52 pound kettlebell depending on your strength level (you can always increase or decrease the weight if needed). Finish the turns and do the goblet squat without stopping. When you finish the walking tour, rest and repeat for a total of five rounds.

Training tips: Use the same kettlebell for the swings and squats with minimal rest between the two exercises. Keep rest to a minimum after 10, 15, and 25 swings, but rest for two minutes or more after completing 50 swings.

22-3 kettlebell swing / push-up combinations part I and II

Instructions: Have a stopwatch handy and make enough space for yourself to do both exercises. Do the swings first, start right away with the pushups, and rest the memory of the minute minus the time it took to set up your swings.

Trainer tip: Use a 26-, 36-, or 52-pound kettlebell, depending on your strength and condition.

Tips for increasing / decreasing the intensity: Increase or decrease the number of pushups, but keep the swings the same. Or increase the number of laps you do.

3Kettlebell Hornees

Instructions: With the kettlebell weight of your choice, perform the turns, squats and carrying the case on each side without taking the kettlebell off. Rest for a minute or more after wearing it. On the goblet squat, go down one rep while maintaining the swings and do the same until you get one rep of the goblet squat.

Tip from the trainer: Start with a heavier weight and when your grip starts to wear off, choose a lower weight to complete all the laps.

Tips for increasing / decreasing the intensity: If you need more rest after the triset, take it.


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