One in five Australians will develop a mental illness each year, and 45 percent will develop some mental illness during their lifetime, according to the Black Dog Institute.

The ongoing global pandemic and statewide lockdowns have contributed to reports of an increase in people seeking mental health services across the country, as well as rising rates of financial stress, climate anxiety and an increase in mental distress among young people.

For World Mental Health Week, October 9-17, we’ve compiled a list of books from Penguin Random House Australia written by experts to improve your mental well-being in the current global climate.

Financial fear

She’s on the money by Victoria Devine

Financial advisor Victoria Devine, creator of Australia’s # 1 Finance Podcast, put all of her expert advice into the ultimate money guide. She’s on the money, providing you with advice and useful tips and tricks covering all areas of money and finance that might be preoccupying our time in the current climate.

Lucky money by Ken Honda

For many of us, money is inevitably stressful. Managing our personal finances is complicated, time consuming, and often daunting, especially during the slow countdown to payday. Happy Money will reinvent the way you view your personal finances because if we heal our fear and concern about money, we will successfully achieve prosperity and peace.

Plan B. by Shannah Kennedy

Change can turn our plans, our lives and our dreams upside down. Whether you’ve been laid off, broken up, lost a loved one, had a health crisis, or been hit by an economic downturn, your ability to navigate the change process and create an alternative plan is key to your future happiness.

Emotional and physical burnout

The body holds the score by Bessel Van Der Kolk

What makes people relive what they want most to forget, and what treatments could help them restore a life of meaning and joy? The Body Keeps the Score sheds new light on the paths away from trauma – which lie in the regulation and synchronization of body and mind, through sports, theater, yoga, mindfulness, meditation and other paths to balance.

You are not broken by Sarah Woodhouse

Research psychologist and trauma specialist Dr. Sarah Woodhouse teaches us what trauma is, why it causes so many problems, and how it can affect so many aspects of our lives. They are not readers with broken arms using basic techniques that harmonize body, mind, and behavioral tools to help you break the trauma loop and regain your life.

Emotional woman by Yumiko Kodota

With our health system under strain more than ever and with many people wondering if their job is right for them, Yumiko is the best person to talk about burnout, looking for the signs why it is okay to care for yours Career plan B decisions to be made and the need to be successful when life is put on hold.

Eco fear

A life without waste by Anita Vandyke

Do you want to change something but don’t know where to start? The handy 30-day guide to radically reducing your waste by 80% from garbage warrior Anita Vandyke.

How to avoid a climate catastrophe by Bill Gates

In this urgent, authoritative book, Bill Gates presents a far-reaching, practical – and accessible – plan for how the world can get to zero greenhouse gas emissions in time to avoid climate catastrophe.

Why You Should Give AF * ck About Agriculture by Gabrielle Chan

If your fear increased when you saw a row of empty shelves in the supermarket during the pandemic, we need to talk about where this food is coming from.

Mental health of youth

Raising girls who like themselves by Christopher Scanlon and Kasey Edwards

Girls now have more options than ever, but one alarming problem – far too many don’t like themselves. Why? Because the world is toxic to girls and the way we raise girls no longer works in today’s society. Raising Girls Who Like Themselves distills the seven qualities a girl must have in order to like herself and outlines how parents can nurture those qualities with practical steps.

Scared children by Michael Grose “Our children are in the middle of an epidemic of fear. It is estimated that 500,000 Australian children and 117 million children worldwide have an anxiety disorder, and symptoms of anxiety can begin as early as four years of age. The bestselling author Michael Grose and the leading researcher and educator Dr. Jodi Richardson have the answers to help your child manage anxiety and thrive.

The resilience project by Hugh Van Cuylenburg

Hugh Van Cuylenburg is an expert on resilience and has plenty of tips for parents to help their children survive the lockdown and avoid the constant, negative deluge of COVID news. The Resilience Project shares positive, evidence-based mental health strategies to help children build resilience and happiness when there is only seeming doom and darkness.

Mental health in the workplace

The authority gap by Mary Ann Seigart

The authority gap offers a startling perspective on the invisible bias at work in our daily lives to reveal the extent of the gap that still exists between men and women. Including interviews with pioneers like Baroness Hale, Mary Beard, and Bernadine Evaristo, this is a new feminist perspective on how to approach and combat systemic sexism in ways that benefit us all.

The space between by Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald

Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald, creators of award-winning pop culture podcast Shameless, share the career tips they wish they had heard when they were in their twenties. From mental health challenges to finding the “perfect job” to overcoming career setbacks and demanding the salary you deserve. Twentysomethings are conquering the workplace and The Space Between has the best tips and tricks for starting a career.

Work hard, hardly work by Grace Beverly

We all know the pressures of having to work around the clock while being told to “just relax” and take care of ourselves, like somehow choosing between success and sanity. A young entrepreneur who stirs up the archaic business world has written a book about why productivity and self-care are not opposites and how we can find the balance we all need.

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