This cold brew with salted caramel cream is a recipe for copycat the newest Starbucks drink! Made with just 3 ingredients, it’s affordable, easy, and secretly low in carbohydrates!

It’s no secret that I love making my own Starbucks homemade drinks. If I don’t do one pink drink or a Caramel ribbon crunch Frappuccino, I would definitely make one of their flavored cold brews.

Cold Brew has officially taken over coffeeshops around the world and I’m not upset about that. As someone who drinks chilled coffee all year round, I embrace this new trend and for more people to jump on the bandwagon! Cold brew tastes much better than iced coffee – it’s richer, smoother, and has a naturally sweet undertone.

With cold brew becoming one of the standard coffee options in many cafes and coffee chains, more and more of them are now offering flavored versions. While I prefer the dark, rich taste of the classic brew, I’ve been quite obsessed with Starbucks’ new salted caramel version lately.

What is the cold brew with salted caramel cream?

As the name suggests, the Salted Caramel Cold Brew is made up of its original cold brew mixed with their salted caramel coffee syrup. It is then topped with a creamy foam that is also flavored with more caramel.

Well, I’m not someone who can take that much sugar in the morning. I tend to stick to a low-carb diet so one of these drinks could kick me out of ketosis. Fortunately, it’s very easy Make a homemade version that looks and tastes just like the original minus the carbs … and the high price.

This homemade cold brew recipe with salted caramel cream is a keto version of the original. No sugar is needed, but you can never tell.

What I love about this recipe is not only is it lower in calories than the original Starbucks version (over 75% less!), But it’s also healthier – no syrups or fillers with artificial ingredients!

How do you make a Salted Caramel Cold Brew?

The ingredients

  • Caramel syrup– I used a homemade one Sugar-free caramel syrup but you can use grocery. Half of the syrup is mixed with the cold brew and the other half with the cream for the cold foam.
  • Cold brew– Skip the expensive bottled cold brew that you can find at some grocery stores and easy do it yourself at home. It’s much cheaper, easy to prepare, and you don’t need fancy coffee-making equipment!
  • ice cream– This is NOT the coffee drink that should be enjoyed warm.
  • Whipped cream– Mixed with the caramel syrup to create a mock foam.

The instructions

Start by whisking half of the caramel syrup with the cold brew and pouring it into a tall glass filled with ice. Mix the rest of the syrup with the cream using a hand mixer. Pour over the cold brew and serve immediately.

homemade Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew

Diet variants

  • Make it dairy free. Replace the cream with plant-based cream or canned coconut milk.
  • Cut down on calories. Use a caramel coffee syrup that is zero calorie and sugar free. The cold brew isn’t that thick, but it still has all of the caramel flavor.
  • Keep it sugar free. The original recipe uses a Sugar-free caramel syrup. Any substitutions or alternatives and you risk adding extra sugar.

Store and serve cold brew

  • To store: This is the type of drink you don’t want to make large quantities of and keep until you drink it. Instead, just have the cold brew made, the caramel syrup prepped, and have some heavy cream or half and half on hand in your fridge.
  • To serve: If you make this drink, you will surely be a fan of coffee and caramel. Pair it with some of my favorite desserts like Caramel fondant or a Espresso cake.

Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew

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frequently asked Questions

Is Cold Brew Salted Caramel Cream Good?

If you love caramel and enjoy the taste of coffee, this flavored cold brew is going to be a winner in your book. It’s not as sweet as their frappuccino drinks, nor is it as creamy.

How does a cold brew taste with salted caramel cream?

This drink tastes like iced coffee with a caramel flavor, but with a more intense coffee flavor.

Is Cold Brew Stronger?

Traditionally, cold brew is stronger than an americano or long black. There is roughly 125 milligrams of caffeine per cup serving compared to a standard espresso shot with 80 milligrams of caffeine.

Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew

  • Mix half of the caramel syrup with the cold brew in a glass. Pour into two glasses filled with glass.

  • Put the remaining caramel sauce and cream in a large bowl. Beat with a hand mixer until smooth and fluffy. Pour the caramel cream over both glasses and serve immediately.

Commercially available caramel coffee syrup can be used.
* To reduce fat and calories, use half and half or coconut cream.

Portion: 1Glass | Calories: 59kcal | Carbohydrates: 2G | Protein: 1G | Fat: 6thG | Sodium: 44mg | Potassium: 11mg | Fiber: 1G | Vitamin A: 221IE | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 13thmg | Iron: 1mg | NET CARBONS: 1G


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