Michael Mosley is famous for popularizing the 5: 2 Diet and later the Fast 800 Diet. These are his top weight loss tips.

One of Dr. Michael is surprising: do less sport.

The expert encouraged people to shorten their workouts by breaking them up into digestible, manageable chunks.

“We all know we should do about 30 minutes a day, 150 minutes a week at moderate intensity. But we struggle to make it into our day pretty often, so the idea behind exercise snacks is that you really can , can really split up. ” short sections, “he revealed on BBC Ones Morning Live.

He added, “It could only be a minute or two, it could be a five minute walk.

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The expert advocated fast training units.

“It can be as simple as getting up and sitting in your chair.”

It’s about moving, even with small steps.

Another weight loss tip that you are definitely going to like is stocking up on dark chocolate.

Unfortunately, your favorite milk or white chocolate snacks won’t be enough, but dark chocolate, which is “at least 75 percent cocoa,” has many health benefits, he told the Daily Mail.


According to Healthline, dark chocolate contains powerful antioxidants, is nutritious, and can also reduce your risk of heart disease.

So eat – but in moderation, because dark chocolate is also high in calories.

Dr. Michael also recommended eating a balanced diet and not avoiding certain foods.

The “problem” with some diets is that they’re “kind of crazy,” he told Studio 10.

“You have to eat a balanced diet. There must be enough nutrients. In particular, there must be enough protein, ”said the weight loss guru.

For those looking to lose weight quickly, Dr. Michael instructed them to avoid crash diets like the “cabbage soup diet”.

According to the expert: “One of the best diets in the world is the Mediterranean diet.”

In a study that tested this, the Spanish government divided 5,000 people into two groups, those on a Mediterranean diet and those on a low-fat diet.

They had to stop the study because it was “blindly obvious” that those who followed a Mediterranean diet were healthier than those who followed a low-fat diet.

The participants even had 50 percent fewer diabetes rates.

Finally, Dr. Michael encouraged people to stay away from processed foods.

“Never eat something you can buy at a gas station,” he told the carousel.

“This stuff has been on the shelf for many, many, many, many months.”


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