The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration recently announced that its Be Well Crisis Helpline has exceeded 25,000 calls, a milestone in its ongoing effort to provide Hoosier’s free, confidential mental health advice and resources.

The support line is available on Indiana 211 and enables Indiana residents to speak to trained, compassionate counselors around the clock. Approximately 59% of callers have received a referral for additional mental health or drug use services, or requested additional crisis counseling.

The FSSA also announced that federal funding will enable the agency to run the helpline until at least March 2023.

“The FSSA is proud of the important and ongoing role our crisis advisors have played in connecting with Hoosiers and providing them with the resources they need to support their mental health,” said Dan Rusyniak, FSSA- Secretary. “We continue to strive to provide Hoosiers with free, confidential and easy access to this resource at all times.”

The FSSA’s Mental Health and Addiction Department launched the Be Well Crisis Helpline in July 2020 in response to the increased stress, fear, and isolation Hoosiers experienced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the hotline was launched, consultants have invested more than 5,823 hours helping Hoosiers manage their mental health. People who call the crisis hotline seek support with various stress reactions, including fear or anxiety, sleep problems, isolation, intrusive thoughts, difficulty concentrating or making decisions, tiredness and sadness.

There is still a growing need for the Be Well Crisis Helpline as the number of calls received hit an all-time high of 2,228 in October 2021. Consultants have reported that not only the call volume but also the critical nature of the calls. The most common problems Hoosiers have faced recently include depression, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, and loneliness.

“As Hoosiers continues to cope with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and other everyday stressors, it is clear that resources like the Be Well Crisis Helpline will continue to be needed to support the general well-being of individuals across the country,” said Kelsi Linville, DMHA director of crisis services.

Indiana residents can speak to a trained mental health advisor by dialing 211 or toll-free 866-211-9966, entering their zip code, and selecting the Be Well Crisis Helpline option.

Additionally, Be Well Indiana’s website,, has complementary resources, including blog posts and videos with tips on how to maintain mental health and self-management tools.


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