We first discovered Metta Mats at the Moovment Fest last winter. Metta Mats was a co-sponsor of the event, and their commitment to the community was almost as eye-catching as their yoga mat designs. We wanted to learn more about the Metta Mats brand.

Metta Mats was founded by David Whitehurst and Jonathan Walker (but friends call him Jonny) – two high school friends from Roanoke, Virginia.

After graduating from Virginia Tech, David and Jonny formed Metta Mats in 2015.

Jonny explains how it all began: “We both noticed that there are no artistic mats with great surfaces for yoga. David’s passion for product development and my passion for yoga came together to create a yoga mat that is as beautiful as it is functional. “

Read on to find out more about this brand and the yoga mats they are bringing out into the world!

We are reviewing metta mats

With over 5 years of production, Metta Mats claim to have perfected their craft. According to their website, “Metta Mats are the result of years of experimentation. We have spent years perfecting a unique surface made of safe materials to protect the works of art we put on our mats and to provide support and support for all types of yoga. “

With such a claim we had to practice on these mats ourselves!

What makes Metta Mat yoga mats so unique?

Handcrafted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the first attention grabbing aspect of what sets Metta Mats apart from the crowd. Not only are these mats hand made in the USA, they’re ethically and sustainably made – two things we look for in every product we review.

According to their website, Metta Mats believes in “weld-free production. We buy our production materials from companies with a good track record of ethical materials and manufacture each mat – like our other products – with our own hands in Philadelphia in a carefree and safe work environment. “

They use a unique three-layer system for each mat that starts with a comfortable 3mm thick base made from 100% natural tree rubber (which is renewable and recyclable). The middle layer is the HD no-fade graphic design, protected by the top layer which Metta Mats call their “metta surface”.

Metta Mat

Grip is the key to any yoga mat – how did Metta Mats stack up?

Grip is a key question for any yoga mat you want to invest in. The grip surface of every mat from Metta Mats is definitely different from every other yoga mat we have tested.

Matte surface statistics: It is waterproof, non-slip and durable, but still soft to the touch. Think of a sticky feel at the mat level, but with a more textured feel. Unlike many others, these mats do not need a run-in period and are easy to grip straight out of the packaging. We also noticed that the mats become a little softer and more grippy with prolonged use. So this is a win-win situation.

Think of a sticky feel at the mat level, but with a more textured feel.

The mats are designed to keep grip wet or dry, so the grip remains constant whether you are cold or sweaty.

In fact, our testers found that the mat grips even better when your hands are a little sweaty. (However, our testers sweat profusely during hot yoga and recommend having a towel handy if you are a hot yoga practitioner who is also prone to excessive sweating.)

Artist focus

Since Metta Mats is known for its artistic focus, we had to see it for ourselves, so we tested Martina Hoffman’s Calibri design (which means hummingbird in Spanish) from the Metta Mats Artist Series collection.

We’ve tested other brands of yoga mats that work with artists, but in the past we’ve seen this on microfiber or towel-infused mats. And since microfiber mats are best specifically for hot yoga, we were pleased to see a more versatile mat material being used for artist prints.

Art elevates and inspires us. Being able to practice on such beautiful works of art is a real pleasure and draws this inspiration onto the mat and into our practice. The elegant hummingbird artwork became our drishti and meditative gaze, and we cherished our time practicing on the calibri mat.

Ashton Metta Mats 4

Benefits of the Artist Series Mats

No PVCs, toxic materials, or harsh chemicals are used in the manufacture of these yoga mats. Metta Mats strives to recycle all used components and we appreciate their commitment to sustainability.

We were impressed with how beautifully detailed and high quality the print looks on the mat (in comparison, much more detailed and high quality than art transfers on microfiber mats). Up close, every touch and swirl of color is perfectly transferred to the mat for an end product that really looks like a work of art.

Metta Mats uses dye sublimation printing. The surface of each mat is applied by hand and the final step is to cure it in sunlight, which in turn creates the feel of the touch previously described. We thought this process was interesting enough to share!

The vivid details of the artwork are unparalleled. All art lovers will love these mats, which makes them a great gift idea.

The biggest benefit, however, is arguably the giveback program that Metta Mats developed for the artists who present them. 25% of every artist series mat sold goes to the independent artists whose artwork is depicted on the mat. You can even shop by artist. Metta Mats believes in supporting the arts and free expression, and we support that! 🙂

Disadvantages of the Artist Series mats

Since we compared the Artist Series by Metta Mats to microfiber mats by artists that we have reviewed in the past, one disadvantage of Metta Mats is that they cannot be machine washed like microfiber mats. Metta mats should be hand washed with vinegar or other natural household products (avoid essential oils) and air dried.

And just as not every yoga discipline is suitable for everyone, not every artist is suitable for everyone. Some practitioners may prefer certain designs over others (if you are, you’re in luck because Metta Mats has a wide variety of artists and designs to choose from in this series – 121 to be precise!).

With that in mind, others may prefer to skip the art altogether for a little more functionality. For these practitioners, we recommend the alignment mat series from Metta Mat. With a wide range of color combinations and even a classic black for the ultimate minimalist, there is an alignment mat for every need.

Pssst! The alignment mat was also featured in our Christmas Gift Guide 2021

MettaMat function

Image: Metta Mats alignment mat

Final details you should know about Metta Mat yoga mat

Who is a Metta Mat suitable for? We’re going to break it down by categories: Artist Series and Alignment Series. The Artist Series mats are good for art lovers and seasoned practitioners looking for a hard-wearing, long-lasting mat that is fun to look at and practice on. These mats are priced at $ 120.

The Alignment Series mats are ideal for beginners, those who want to focus on their alignment, and yoga teachers looking for a high quality teaching mat that is perfect for showing poses. These mats are priced at $ 108.

(Fun fact: Metta Mats based the golden and turquoise alignment mat on the favorite colors of YogiApproved founder Ashton August!)

Boring but important:

  • Mat dimensions: 72 “long; 26.25” wide; 3.5mm thick
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant

Metta Mats: Our last souvenir

We love the unique artistic prints from the Metta Mats Artist Series line as well as their continued support of the artists with their giveback program. We also appreciate the wide range of design options. The Alignment Series mats are an effective, helpful, and accessible guide to help you find the right alignment in any pose.

But a yoga mat is only as good as its performance, and here, too, Metta Mats passed with flying colors. Most importantly, we respect Metta Mats’ commitment to ethical, local production and sustainability.

For these reasons this mat is 100% YogiApproved ™. If you want to learn more about this brand, you can check out Metta Mats here.

Metta Mats is currently offering 20% ​​discount on the entire website with code: HOLIDAY2021.

Do you have any questions or comments about this product review or brand? Please tell us in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you!

Full Disclosure: Brands can compensate us for creating reviews like this one. However, if a product does not meet our standards, we will not review or promote it. This is our honest opinion of the product.

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