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Do you feel drawn in all directions, need to concentrate more on others than on yourself? Do you remember the last time you took a break and attended to your needs instead of worrying about what was needed of you?

There is nothing wrong with investing time and energy in your loved ones. However, neglecting your needs can leave you feeling drained in the long run, even when surrounded by people and activities that you love.

According to the online definition, “me time” is defined as “time that you spend concentrating on yourself and only doing things you want to do”. Focusing on yourself and having some time for myself in between all the socialization isn’t selfish, it’s self-love. Yahoo Life SEA is here with some tips on how to make “time for me” in the middle of your busy schedule and how important it is to your wellbeing.

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1. Write it in your New Year’s resolutions

You don’t know how to start planning your “me-time”?

Seize the new year and write it down as one of your new year’s resolutions! Statements such as “I want to get to know myself better in the New Year by keeping a diary” and “I want to take at least a 30 minute break every day and focus inward” help ensure that there is time to address you and your needs.

2. Date with yourself

Setting monthly or even weekly appointments with yourself is an excellent exercise to make sure you have “time for me” on your schedule. Treat yourself to a nice dinner on these ‘Date Nights’, go to a place you enjoy, be it a museum or spa, or just stay home and enjoy your favorite shows.

Remember that your needs (or wants) come first with you during these appointments.

3. Treat yourself to a hobby

Have you ever put off or postponed things that you enjoy because you “don’t have time”? What about that yoga class you’ve always had in mind? Or lose yourself in an adventure in a book? Now you have permission to pursue a hobby, whether it is a full day event or just an hour or two of your time.

The story goes on

Make it possible!

4th Wake up 30 minutes early

Especially for those who live with loved ones, getting up 30 minutes earlier allows you to spend some time for yourself before the hustle and bustle of everyday life takes over the rest of the day. Use this time for a quiet meditation or have a nice cup of drink in the morning. Journaling will also help you record your path towards self-care.

5. Create a self-sufficiency plan

Creating a self-care plan can help you ensure that you are focused on yourself and will help increase both your mental and physical wellbeing.

Break it down into the different things you want to accomplish each week; It could be dates with yourself, mood-boosting foods to try, exercises that you can easily incorporate into your everyday life, or the end of a drama you’ve always wanted to see. Three to five points on your weekly plan can help you to have enough “me-time” to recharge.


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