The Stoltman brothers compete in a friendly fitness competition. With their big grins and even bigger personalities, it’s not hard to see why they were asked to visit Myprotein HQ, a UK online retailer of sports nutrition products and supplies. Here the brothers were tested in a series of four fitness challenges that were a little different from their regular training regimen.

Who is The Fitter Stoltman’s brother?

These brothers have some amazing accomplishments under their belts. The eldest, Luke Stoltman, was not only the first brothers to face off in a World’s Strongest Finals in 2019, but was also the five-time winner of Scotland’s Strongest Man and won Europe’s Strongest Man in 2021. His younger brother, Tom Stoltman, is currently the world’s strongest man and will become the first Scotsman ever to win in 2021.

V-Sit Challenge

After dinner and some friendly chat, the brothers began the first challenge by seeing who could hold a V-Sit the longest. After what appeared to be a grueling 36 seconds, Tom collapses flat on the ground, holding his stomach with Luke, moments after giving up short of breath and asking for oxygen.

Crucifix kettlebell hold

The second challenge was to commit to a crucifix grip with 6 kg (13 pounds) of kettlebells in each hand for as long as possible. Both brothers can be seen struggling and adjusting their bodies to make it easier. Finally, Luke is able to get another win after his brother’s arms gave out after 1 minute and 45 seconds. This win gave Luke a 2-0 lead ahead of the third challenge.

Bench press AMRAP

After a brief lull of brotherly banter, they challenged three to see who could bench as many reps as possible in one minute at 60 kg (132 pounds). After losing the first two challenges, Tom went first and completed an impressive 74 reps in one minute. Luke came up just short with 69 reps. Complete challenge three with Luke still leading 2-1.

Protein Chug

The final challenge of the day was who could drink a 300ml protein shake (two scoops of protein powder) the fastest. This final challenge would either result in an overall tie between the brothers or Luke would win the day. Both challengers quickly downed their protein shakes and ended up with both competitors confused as to who actually finished their shake first.

At first it seemed like Tom might oust his brother for the win; Upon further investigation, however, the brothers discovered that Tom had indeed missed a bit of protein at the bottom of his shaker bottle. This resulted in Luke winning the challenge and finishing the day 3-1.


It was fun to see the brothers in this friendly competition before their first serious fight at the Britain’s Strongest Man competition on February 26, 2022 in Sheffield, UK. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for the world’s strongest brothers.

What do you think of these challenges and do you think you can keep up with these brothers?

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