Fitness fanatics are facing their worst fears. The coronavirus pandemic has led to the shutdown of gyms and swimming pools with the advisory to stay at home in most cities. Lifting weights in the gym or running laps in the park are out of the question. Happy working out at home is still possible. Though exercise equipment isn’t a part of every home, that can change quickly. During this COVID-19 quarantine, don’t miss your workout when you do it from home with these exercise tips and equipment.

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At Home Workout With These Tips And Equipment

Don’t let anything stand in your way with these workout tips and exercise equipment to use at home.

1. Stay Active

Working from home can fuse the minutes into hours. Before you know it, the day is over. Break your day into shorter periods of time so that every couple of hours, you climb a few flights of stairs or take a stroll around the house. What is most important is that you step away from the screen and get moving.

2. Find Your Fit

Transitioning from a physically active lifestyle to a more sedentary one can be an adjustment for many. Hence it’s important to find some form of exercise that works for you during this time. Yoga is a suitable choice for many as it can work even for beginners and usually only requires a mat and a yoga video.

3. Workout Out While You Work

Those who can barely spare a minute of their days to designate to exercise will find it even more difficult to peel themselves off the couch to work up a sweat. A nifty fitness hack is to sit on an inflatable gym ball or use a stepper to keep your activity levels high even if you can’t switch off from work.

4. Don’t Miss Out On Cardio

If you don’t have an elliptical, cycle or treadmill on hand like you would at the gym, clocking in cardio is more tricky but not impossible. A skipping rope is perfect to get some at home along with exercises like squats and jumping jacks.

5. Cool Down With Ease

Once you’re done with exercise, iron out the fatigue and tightness. Since your personal trainer may not be available, a foam roller could help bring relief to tired muscles.

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