Foods to avoid when following the Mediterranean Diet

Foods to avoid when following the Mediterranean Diet

Are you wondering how to reap the Mediterranean Diet’s health benefits since it does not exclude any food groups? What foods are considered unhealthy in the Mediterranean way of eating? Can we still indulge in desserts?

Well, we all need a sweet treat now and then. When following the Mediterranean way of eating, fruits are a more regular choice of dessert.

Things to avoid as much as possible are the well-known unhealthy foods:

Added sugars:

  • Eat sweets and desserts on occasion.Look for the hidden sugars in many foods and drink options.Avoid sugary drinks, sugar-coated breakfast cereals, etc. 

Highly processed foods and meats: Food items labeled as:

  • dietlow-fatlight

are highly processed and usually have added sugars to improve taste and texture.

Foods made with refined grains (white bread, pasta, etc.): Refined grains have been stripped of all their beneficial properties. 

Trans fats: Margarine and other products resulting from the industrial processing of vegetable oils include trans fats. They have been known to raise cholesterol levels and increase the risk of heart disease and other ailments. 

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