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Enjoy a free, 5-day meal plan of delicious meals for you and your family. Meal plan is a great way to ease your days, relax, save time while making sure your family is getting hot home-cooked meals every night.

This week world soccer cup will start, you will need plenty of snacks and drink and of course dips. Try this creamy sour cream sauce with your chips and veggies.

A collage of recipes from this week's meal plan.
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I’ve been sharing 5-day meal plans with my email subscribers for many years now, started sharing some of those on Instagram and I love the feedback I get from those who love the meal plans and use them regularly.

If you’re new to my meal plans, they normally include 5 dinner recipes and one or two desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. I’m trying my best to be thoughtful and add a variety of recipes with plenty of wiggle room for you to add or subtract food and I always suggest you make a day per week for leftovers or use them for lunch the next day.

📅 Food Holidays

This week we are having some interesting and fun days to celebrate. These days are a good opportunity to raise awareness, shed some light, or inspire you to create more recipes in your kitchen. So let’s check them out:

  • November 24th is Thanksgiving, happy Thanksgiving everyone. It is also the Turkey-Free Thanksgiving day! This Koshari deserves to be at the center of your vegetarian table.
  • November 25 is National Eat with a Friend Day… and wouldn’t they like some of this pasta flora, a cup of coffee and a good chat?

🌰 In Season Now

Chard, cauliflower, white cabbage, Savoy cabbage, endive, lettuce, potato, winter berry, banana, persimmon, chestnut, apple, pomegranate, prickly pear, grape…. & more

Nov 21

white plates of bissara garnished with fried onion with a small bowl of tomato and pita bread on the side.

Egyptian Bissara

This fava bean dip is a classic Egyptian recipe that is very quick and easy. Do not forget the pita bread recipe, perfect with the bissara.

Nov 22

A wholw salmon fish placed on a baking sheet and garnished with lemon rings

Nov 23

A hand holding a piece of beef empanadan cut in half.

Nov 24 is Thanksgiving day

Happy Thanksgiving to you. Be sure to check my Thanksgiving food ideas and pick your favorite.

Overhead view of a white serving dish with green beans and potatoes.
Close up of a spoon serving some sweet potato crunch.

Sweet Potato Crunch

This sweet potato crunch is not too sweet to serve as a side dish, yet so delicious to be on the dessert table!

Nov 25

A hand holding a bowl of cracker barrel chicken and rice in a garden.


Tiramisu deserves to be on the dessert table this holiday season, don’t you think?.

Here is a free printable shopping list to use while shopping this week.

Here is last week’s menu plan for you to check, and do not forget to take a look at our menu plans.

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