Mediterranean Diet Food List

Mediterranean Diet Food List

Are you thinking, “Ok, I would like to try the Mediterranean Diet, but what foods do I buy? Do I need to replace all the items currently in my pantry? Do I need to purchase expensive specialty foods?” 

Well, following the Mediterranean way of eating is very easy and budget-friendly. There is no need to replace all the items in your pantry; neither do you have to buy expensive specialty foods. I bet that you already have some of the Mediterranean staples. 

Please take a look at our Mediterranean Diet Shopping List. You can download it for free and keep it handy o help you stock your pantry and make your weekly meal plans.

Download or print the Mediterranean Diet Shopping List

If you have been following the Mediterranean Diet for some time now, you already know its principles and guidelines.

  • Eat more fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts, fish, seafood
  • Eat moderately dairy, eggs, and some poultry
  • Eat fewer red meats and sweets 
  • Use high-quality extra virgin olive oil (use regularly). 
  • Reduce salt
  • Use more spices, fresh herbs, garlic, citrus
  • Include regular physical activity in your routines
  • Share meals with family and friends and, enjoy life.

The Mediterranean food pyramid illustrates the pattern in which we should be eating. 

The Mediterranean Diet pyramid is updated illustrated by the Mediterranean Diet Foundation ( to suit the current lifestyle

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